good morning

I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m a tea addict, and as such I appreciate a nice cup of tea every morning. If you start your day with beauty and positive stuff it will help the rest of the day flow in the same direction and minimize the stress.

Last week a friend of mine brought me some fine Fortnum & Mason tea from London. It was accompanied by these written instructions:

Making Proper Tea
If brewing in a cup, use one tea bag per person and take care not to leave it in too long. If using a pot, be sure to warm it first. Use a bag for each person and, for stronger tea, an extra bag “for the pot”. Milk and sugar may be added or omitted according to personal taste. The most important factor is freshly boiled water.

Well, these are the instructions for a proper British cup of tea (according to the F&M). But in Russia we brew it differently. In Iran they brew it differently. In India they brew it differently. In China and Japan there are yet another methods of preparing that perfect cup of tea.  One day, when I’m in a story-telling mood I will explain all the differences in these methods, but for now – my tea is getting cold.


How do you drink your tea?


3 thoughts on “good morning

  1. I love Jasmine tea and usually on ice without sugar. I grew up drinking Lipton, so I love that tea as well, also on ice, but with lemon and sugar, but not too much sugar.

    Sometimes I drink hot tea, especially in winter. I hate lemon in hot tea. Ick!

    But now I want to know the Russian way to brew tea. When I was there, I noticed that people put loose tea in a teapot and added hot water. Then they poured a little tea from the teapot into a teacup and added hot water from a kettle on the stove. Then add sweet cream and sugar or sometimes preserves. Yum.

    My grandmother made tea in the following way and I prefer it this way too. She put a small pot of water on the stovetop and brought it to a boil. Then she added the tea and let that boil for a few minutes (usually three or four tea bags). Then she transferred that concentrate to a large pitcher that was already full of cold water. Then the pitcher would be brought to the dining room table and poured over ice in everyone’s glass.

    I put mine in the refrigerator, because I MUST have tea in the morning. 🙂

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