a trip to the market

Yesterday we went to St.Lawrence market.  It’s a curious spot in our big urban jungle full of people, noises, smells and surprises. This time it was the meats. In case you were tired of having chicken for dinner, this market offers some hmmm… let’s say unexpected options:

photo(17) photo(19) photo(18)


A wide assortment of camel, kangaroo and other odd animal meats were festively spread all over the counters among fake grass borders. Driven by curiosity I inquired a cheerful lady behind the counter about the turtle. Me being a passionate sea life lover and protector it would have saddened me to no end to see a sea turtle butchered up and ready for not-so-mock-turtle-soup (an odd find for Toronto but not entirely impossible, taking in consideration crocodile and kangaroo were offered on the same display tray). Apparently it’s  a snapping turtle, farmed in USA. Who knew there were still eaten today? Some old native Iroquois recipes I came across did call for snapping turtle meat as main ingredient but I assumed now with abundance of chicken wings and beef burgers they were no longer eaten.


Some other curiosities I came across were a great selection of fresh oysters and chilled seafood of all sorts form Alaskan crab to ready-to-eat boiled lobsters. Olive and cheese counters were also abundant with random items for tapas and light snacks.

photo(14) photo(16) photo(9)

But at that point we were already too tired and decided to return home with our catch of the day – some fragrant shiny red tomatoes and fresh zucchinis that were ready to be tossed with some herbs and roasted in olive oil for dinner.


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