Low protein “almond” panna cotta with cherry sauce


here is a low protein (and gluten free) version of a classic Italian dessert. Just in time for those hot summer days!

Low protein “almond” panna cotta with cherry sauce
1 cup water
5 scoops Milupa lp drink
1 tbsp agar-agar flakes
5 cherries
5 tbsp sugar + 1 tbsp sugar
½ tsp almond extract
Fresh mint leaf for garnish

In a saucepan on low heat warm up the water. Continuously whisking add Lp-drink powder, agar flakes, 1 tbsp sugar and almond extract. Bring to boil and whisk until all agar flakes are completely dissolved. Carefully pour the mixture into serving glass, chill at room temperature and then refrigerate for 3-4 hours, until set. While the panna cotta is setting, take the cherries, place them into a small sauce pan, cover with sugar and slowly heat, mixing gently with a wooden spoon on low heat for 5-10min, until all sugar is melted and runny syrup is formed. Take the sauce pan off the heat and let it rest until it completely cools down.
To serve, spoon completely cooled down cherry sauce on top of the panna cotta and decorate with mint leaf. Note: this dessert defies gravity and if left in refrigerator for a few hours the cherry sauce will sink to the bottom of the glass, letting the solid panna cotta part float up. It tastes great no matter where the sauce is located.

makes 1 serving

per serving: 1.1g protein, 25mg phe


Agar-agar (sometimes also called kanten flakes) is a seaweed-derived jelling agent, that contains no protein. Used to replace gelatin in recipes. Look for it in your health food stores.

3 thoughts on “Low protein “almond” panna cotta with cherry sauce

  1. This sounds delicious. Would it work with coconut milk or rice milk instead of the milupa. As they are already liquid could you simply replace them for the one cup of water?
    Bea Rowe
    Audrey, 16, pku
    Natalie, 19, non pku

  2. I am a mom of a 30 yr cpku. I found this on world wide pku support fb page. I just want/need you to know how beautiful your blog is. You should be very proud. I am going to try and get him ( Zach) to follow you by email, but when I mention blog he will roll his eyes lol but I will see what I can do. He is a parole officer and is away at training now. His girlfriend may find some new recipes for him too.
    Kitty Schane Wheeling WV.

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