japanese vegetable soup


This is the closest thing you’ll get in the low protein world to a nice classic Ramen noodle bowl. And it takes pretty much same time to cook – no more than 5min.

1 bundle mung bean noodles (approx 35g)

½ tbsp dry wakame seaweed flakes

½ small carrot

½ tsp Knorr vegetable broth base

1 tbsp Kikkoman tempura dipping sauce

Peel the carrot and boil until soft in some salted water.  Meanwhile in a small saucepan cover mung bean noodles with hot water, bring to boil on medium heat, take off the heat when noodles are completely transparent and soft. In a deep soup bowl place the wakame seaweed flakes, tempura sauce and broth powder on the bottom, cover with drained cooked noodles. Take the carrot, slice into thin circles and cut out flower shapes with small cookie cutter. Place the carrot flowers in the bowl on top of the noodles, add butter and cover with hot water. Let stand for 2-3min and stir well.

You can garnish this dish with some fresh green onions and add any other vegetables that you have on hand. Some ideas – broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts, spring peas, sweet potato (cooked).

Notes: if you can not find tempura dipping sauce, try low sodium soy sauce with ½ tsp sugar added. This recipe works best with Hon Tsuyu soup base, but it is not easy to find, so tempura dipping sauce is the closest match. I get mine at a local Japanese store.

Don’t be shy to amp up the butter – it will boost the calories in the dish without added protein, if you need it. If you want it more filling – increase water volume.

Mung bean noodles, also known as bean vermicelli or glass noodles – are small bundles of thin noodles made out of starch. When cooked they become completely transparent – very low in protein, good source of calories and loads of fun to eat.

If you can not find wakame seaweed flakes, feel free to tear up a sheet of nori seaweed paper, used to wrap sushi.

Recipe yield: 1 portion

Per portion:

protein 1.5g,

phe 46.5mg,

calories 158cal

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