Tastes Connections versa mix review

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This morning I tried a new baking mix from Tastes Connections. After reviewing their one and only pancake recipe on the website I decided to use the baking mix in my usual pancake recipe. As I did not notice any xanthan or guar gum listed in the ingredient list I decided to add egg replacer. With some baking mixes this is not necessary as xanthan and guar gums act as thickening agents and replace eggs very well in baking recipes.

Although there was salt added tot he mix, it was listed at the very bottom of the ingredient list so I assumed there was a tiny amount of it. I added 1/2tsp of salt, as usual and some LP Drink milk replacer. Canola oil was already present in the baking mix (that’s why the shelf life is very short and baking mix should be stored in refrigerator or freezer, as indicated on the label. Otherwise oil goes rancid very quickly when exposed to air).

So baking mix + milk replacer + egg replacer + salt + sugar + water. That’s my pancakes. I decided to make 1/2 batch without any baking powder added and see how it turns out and then another 1/2 batch with the baking powder to see how well the mixture rises. Thickness of the batter was like runny yoghurt (although for crepes I usually make it really thin and no baking powder added).


First batch – without baking powder added

Fluffy big pancakes. Batter does not solidify well when it is time to flip them so a very good thin non stick pancake turner is essential. When eaten plain saltier than I would like them to be but when eaten with a sweet condiment (maple syrup, jam, cake icing, any other sweet spread) saltiness is not so noticeable.


Second batch – with baking powder added

Batter began to rise right away int he bowl. By this time it became even thicker so instead of pouring it into the pan like the previous one I had to spoon it. This could be fixed easily by adding more water but I decided not to do it. Pancakes turned out even more fluffy, which is great. Taste-wise, same remarks as the previous batch, very tender pancakes that need extra care in flipping over. Also saltier than I’d like them to be, but next time I will just skip adding 1/2 tsp salt.

Overall impression:

Short shelf life and storage in the refrigerator is somewhat of a disadvantage, but good appearance and texture of final product compensate for that. Besides my son who is non-PKU sneaked a few pancakes and ate them, so I guess taste-test was successful for both PKU and non PKU taste preferences.

I will try to use this mix in a few of my other recipes and see how it works out.



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