The Diet and the Motivation

So it seems the same thoughts are floating around PKU blogs lately – what to eat and how to stay on track. I think it’s about time I wrote something on this topic.

For me the 100% best motivation is peer communication. We got a lovely bunch of PKU adults hanging out at ESPKU conferences every year and although I have not been there in ages, keeping in touch with those people is my drive for success. Trust me it’s much easier drinking the formula when you see other people do it. It’s way easier to cook up the right foods when you see other people do it.

So if you feel that you struggle with your diet and can’t get control, seek out other PKUers. Don’t ask them for tips and advice but just observe. Mere observation does marvels, trust me.

Overall, the PKU diet has grown on me as a lifestyle and diet control in my mind equals self discipline and organization. 3 years of martial arts (kung-fu) taught me exactly the same thing – self discipline. It’s easy – if I control my diet, I control my life. For PKUers it’s way more literal than for other people.

Now that I’ve passed the point of no return and embarked on my mPKU Quest #2 keeping up this motivation and discipline becomes number one priority. Appropriately enough next week I am going to Sick Kids to lead a teen workshop on my mPKU experience and to motivate them to stick to the diet.


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