low protein chocolate pancakes

chocolate pancakes

This is a great simple recipe that can add a little gourmet touch to your routine menu.

Please use unsweetened cocoa powder for this recipe (not hot chocolate powder)  as it gives the most flavour per smallest amount used. These pancakes turn out not too sweet so they give a great flexibility for garnish – everything from powdered sugar to maple syrup or honey or whipped cream will be great on these pancakes!


Low protein chocolate pancakes

1 cup Loprofin baking mix or any other baking mix*

1 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp cocoa powder

½ tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

2 tbsp oil

In a deep bowl combine Loprofin baking mix with baking powder, cocoa, salt sugar and oil. While constantly stirring add enough water to make a runny batter. Let it rest on counter top for 10-15min so the batter thickens a bit.

Spoon the batter into a hot frying pan (you may add some oil or cook on dry pan if it is Teflon covered) and fry the pancakes from both sides.

To serve garnish with fresh blueberries and dust with some powdered sugar or dip into your favourite sweet syrup or sauce.


Yield: approximately 12 pancakes

Per recipe: 714kcal, 1.3g protein, <63mg phe

Per pancake: 61.8kcal, 0.1g protein, <5mg phe


* note that Loprofin baking mix already contains egg replacer equivalent/thickener. If using a different baking mix you may need to add about 1-2 tbsp of egg replacer to help thicken the batter.



3 thoughts on “low protein chocolate pancakes

  1. If you only make half the recipe (6 pancakes) does the PER pancake phe stay the same as if making the whole recipe (<5) or is it less because you make less?

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