Russian Cuisine


I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that you can pre-order my book now in most bookstores around the world including Indigo in Canada and Amazon worldwide. Check your local bookstore for listing, I know that Polish, German, UK, Australian and other stores have the book already listed on their websites.

The book is due to hit the shelves January 2015.


About the book:

Russian Cuisine -Traditional and Contemporary Home Cooking

Discover the fascinating details and tasty delights of a vast country that spans 11 time zones and brings together more than 180 ethnic groups. Detailing the evolution and development of traditional Russian cooking, this book gives a better understanding to the foods that are now known as classic Russian dishes.

Through the words of native Muscovite Maria Depenweiller, who was born and raised in Moscow before immigrating to Canada, Russian Cuisine covers not only traditional Russian cooking methods such as the oven samovar, but also the historic connections between Russia’s food and its culture. Discover the ways in which the Soviet Revolution put a strain on Russian eating habits, why beets have endured as an essential component of Russian cooking and of the culinary advances made under the reign of Catherine the Great. Learn vocabulary and home cooking practices from the Russian Empire whilst sampling classic recipes for schi (cabbage soup), sauerkraut, kurnic (chicken, rice and mushroom pie), shashlik (marinated lamb kebabs) and blini (Russian crepes) first-hand. Delight your guests with a marvelous assortment of zakuski (appetizers) or desserts from classic Soviet cuisine.

An all-encompassing cookbook replete with recommended music pairings and suggested readings from Russian literature, Russian Cuisine looks back on Russian history as never before. From table settings to pantry items, this is a comprehensive guide to Russia’s culinary past, and an essential book for savouring the history of Russian food.


About the author (that’s me!):

Maria Depenweiller is a Professional Home Economist (PHEc), food writer, nutrition specialist and a recipe developer. She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She started helping around the kitchen at an early age and picked up her culinary skills from her mother and both grandmothers.

Maria wrote her first cookbook in a school notebook at the age of twelve, recording the recipes she saw her grandmother make at her summer house. Cooking and writing became her permanent obsessions. She has published three books on culinary topics in Russian.

After coming to Canada together with her family she got a degree in Food and Nutrition at Ryerson University and became later a professional home economist.

Maria is passionate about her Russian heritage and has a particular interest in food history and the eating traditions of different countries. She travels a lot with her husband and collects heirloom home recipes from people they meet on their voyages.

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