Paradise parfait


This is a great tropical dessert, fit for adult PKUers. Omit rum if you want a non-alcoholic version of this dessert. Feel free to use seasonal fruit – raspberries, strawberries, pineapples, peaches, red currants work great in this dessert.


Paradise parfait

1/2 cup small tapioca pearls

100ml coconut milk, canned

4 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp rum (optional)

4 kiwi fruits, peeled, diced

4 tbsp blueberries


In a large saucepan heat 4 cups of water to rolling boil. Pour dry tapioca into the water, while stirring. Cook for 15min on medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Then take saucepan off the heat and let the tapioca sit for about 7min. Rinse the tapioca pearls under running cold water and place into a ceramic bowl. With a wire whisk combine coconut cream, sugar and rum until smooth and our this liquid over tapioca pearls. Stir well to make sure all pearls are covered.

In a serving glass place 1-2 tbsp tapioca, top with fruit. Repeat layering until glass is full. Serve at room temperature.






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