Red currant and guava compote



Move over fruit juice – we got compote in da house. One of most popular Eastern European drinks. Unlike French version of compote which is stewed fruit, this is a beverage that can be made from fruit and berries – fresh, dried or frozen. It is much more economical than making a smoothie or juicing a bag-full of fruit and we do not loose any vitamins as during cooking they are transferred into the liquid which we drink afterwards. Most often compote is served cold, but on chilly days it can be warmed up, much like gluhwein. And the most important thing – you control the sugar! How much goes in is totally up to you.

This particular compote is Northern Europe meets Tropics flavour featuring red currants and guava. And so simple to make!

2 L water

1 1/2 cups red currants (fresh or frozen)

2 small guavas cut in quarters (fresh or frozen)

sugar – quantity is up to you

In a large stock pot heat water to rolling boil. Add throughly cleaned fruit and berries and cook for about 10-15min, letting berries discolour a bit. Then add sugar to taste, turn off the heat and let the pot rest for about half an hour – the flavour will become richer with time. Once compote is cooled to room temperature – taste it and see if it needs more sugar. For a refreshing drink you might want to skip sugar all together but keep in mind, currants are quite tart. Strain the liquid into a serving jug and keep in refrigerator. Discard the boiled fruit and berries.

Compote can be made from solo ingredient or from combinations. Here are some ideas:





Dried cherries + dried apricots

Peaches + plums

red currants + blackberries + raspberries

Apples + blueberries

Gooseberries + raspberries

Pears + dried apricots + dried figs

and the list goes on and on…



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