Low Protein pasta with asparagus cream sauce



1/4 package low protein spaghetti

1 cup fresh asparagus (about 5 stalks)

4 tbsp 18% cream

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp chicken broth powder


In a medium saucepan bring water to a rolling boil. Add low protein spaghetti and cook about 6min untill aldente soft. Drain off the water and return pasta to the pot.

In a separate pot bring water to boil and cook asparagus for about 3 min, untill bright green and tender. Drain off water and cut asparagus into bite size pieces.

Add the asparagus to pasta, season with chicken broth powder, butter and cream, stir well and serve.


P.S. lazy cook tip – don’t feel like doing dishes – try cooking asparagus and pasta in same pot. In that case cook asparagus first, take it out of the water with tongues or perforated spoon and then put pasta in same water. Less dishes to wash!

P.P.S. off season you can use frozen asparagus too.


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