how to eat this – jicama

Here is my new buddy – jicama. Also known as a Mexican turnip.


With 0.7g of protein per 100g it makes a lively and refreshing snack. First time I ever tried it was on a diving trip in Mexico, we were out in the ocean hanging out with whale sharks and it was a time for snack. Boat crew was preparing cevitche for everyone with shrimp, lime juice and cilantro. Knowing of my odd diet they brought along this modest looking turnip. And I fell in love with it.

The way the served it was ultra simple (but as we all know simple things are the best, right?). Peeled and diced raw they placed jicama in a cup, drizzled with lime juice, a bit of salt and chili powder and some fresh cilantro and red onions. It was the most refreshing snack ever.

In flavour it is most similar to a cucumber, crunchy in texture and very very juicy (to my great surprise  – there was no usual turnip odour).

Another great way to serve it is to sprinkle with lime juice and salt and chili flakes and dip into a fresh guacamole. Hello hot summer days!




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