Waste free


There are many ways to cut waste in the kitchen. Here are a few ideas:


If you have too much fresh herbs on hand – wash them thoroughly, pat dry, chop them up and freeze in small plastic bags. Frozen parsley, dill, cilantro, onions go well into soups, stews, meat and vegetable roasts.


Old bananas can be peeled and frozen. Frozen bananas can be used in making muffins and banana bread.


Loose fruit, berries etc can be washed, cleaned, chopped and frozen. Once you get enough of a collection in your freezer you can sue them up for pie, cobbler, drinks etc. Please note that not all tropical fruit freezes well.


Fresh bread can be frozen, then defrosted in the ovens et at 350F for about 10min. Stale bread can be used in many recipes like puddings, French toast, stuffing. Very dry white bread can be turned into breadcrumbs by grating it on cheese grater. Breadcrumbs go into stuffing, burgers, coating for pan fried fish or meat.


Make your own frozen veggie mix by combining washed and cut vegetables of your choice (try cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, edamame, bell peppers). Take advantage of lower prices of vegetables in season.

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