For the Love of Buckwheat: From Appetizer to Dessert

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that my new cook book is about to hit the shelves. You can pre-order my book starting now with regular sales to commence in all major online and brick and mortar stores in the upcoming weeks.

This book introduces buckwheat – a wonderful and versatile grain. Maria Depenweiller, a professional home economist, chef and nutrition specialist talks about health benefits of buckwheat, different uses of the plant and offers a wide variety of recipes to try – from appetizer to dessert, from traditional to modern. Buckwheat honey, traditional French crepes Brêtonnes, Russian kasha, buckwheat ice cream – there is definitely something for every one to explore and enjoy.

Available for sale HERE

As with everything in 2020 the order-to-delivery process is slow as book is printed on demand to save trees in order to be as eco friendly as possible.


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