Good day,

My name is Maria and I am the owner of The Wooden Spoon.


I am a low protein cooking expert, nutritionist, writer and a registered professional home economist.

I am an active member of OHEA (Ontario Home Economist Association).

I hold a BaSc degree in Food Science and Nutrition.

I have worked on recipe testing and recipe development for a variety of Canadian and international food companies, organized culinary and tasting workshops for community members and authored several books on food history and low protein cooking.

In this blog you will find a collection of things that are related to my work, my diet (yes, I do have PKU myself) as well as any other odd pieces of information that I may deem well  fitting for this content.

Wooden Spoon_v1

The Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon provides services that include educational seminars and workshops, recipe development and testing, food writing, and consulting.

We can help you personalize your menu to lead you to a better and healthier lifestyle, lean something new about food and healthy habits, discover new flavours in one of our workshops or learn essential cooking skills at one of the cooking classes.

One of our specialties is development and testing of recipes with extra focus on special dietary needs such as low protein cooking.

Areas of expertise

The Wooden Spoon specializes in scientific research, consulting, recipe development and testing, educational seminars and workshops, food writing.

Here are some of the ideas what we can do for you:

  • Workshops
  • Cooking classes – Ask us about different foods and recipes that you would like to learn more about and we will develop a special cooking class just for you!
  • Scientific research
  • Writing
  • Recipe development and testing
  • Low protein cooking

We will be happy to customize our service to your particular needs and interests. For more details please contact us directly.

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