how to eat this – marrow squash



you have definitely seen this guy in the produce isle, but most likely did not know what you were missing out on. It is a relative of zucchini and pumpkins and winter squashes but appears in season in mid summer. If you are watching your waistline – this will be a definite winner – with only 16kcal per 100g and a load of goodies like folate, potassium, provitamin A and luetin and zeaxanthin. And did I mention it is low protein too with 0.6 g protein per 100g product?

So how do we eat this beast?

Think zucchini and go ahead and replace with marrow squash in any recipe. Here is a simple one for you to try:



Pan fried marrow squash

1 medium marrow squash

2 tbsp pickling salt

1/2 cup flour

2 cloves garlic, minced

some vegetable oil to fry

Rinse the squash and slice into thin rounds. Sprinkle salt and let it sit in a colander for about 20min. this step is optional but does improve the taste of the squash as it draws the extra moisture away and makes the slices more “meaty”. So after 20min, drain the excess juice (it is not bitter so no need to rinse), brush off extra salt, if visible then in a large frying pan heat up the oil. Dip both sides of marrow slices into flour spread on a dinner plate and pan fry from both sides untill lightly golden – about 3min. Work in batches untill all slices are done. Then add the garlic to the hot pan, stir untill aromatic about 10sec, then sprinkle over the slices. serve hot or cold. plain or with dip of your choice. try as a filling for your next veggie burger.

Tip: marrow squash works really well in vegetable stews.


Fun fact: marrow squash is very easy to grow and bears huge pumpkin-like flowers and an abundance of fruit in mid summer making it an ideal candidate for a first time gardener or a kiddy-patch to plant along with sunflowers and tomatoes. can be grown in open ground or containers, prefers full sun and adequate watering.

Large over grown marrows are also very much edible, just peel off the skin that may become a bit rough and pick out larger seeds.


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